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PSS is dedicated to helping our customers with solutions to all kinds of packaging needs.  Every associate has many years of experience and has demonstrated a pattern of success in their technical field. As a team, we can help you with any aspect of IC packaging. Contact us today!
Thomas Tarter
Founder and President

Thomas (Tom) is a veteran in the field of electronic packaging.  Starting at AMD in the early 80's, Tom was a principal architect of the Advanced Packaging Development Lab for AMD's Manufacturing Services Division.  The lab enabled IC packaging development from concept, design and materials to performance, reliability and manufacturing processes.  A leader in the packaging characterization field, Tom has published over 30 papers on electrronic packaging, lead industry standards and technical committees and is a Senior member of the IEEE. 

Package Science Mission Statement

Provide best-in-class engineering services from concept through mass production using state-of-the-art tools and techniques in modeling, simulation, measurement and analysis for the design, development and manufacturing of  integrated circuit packaging and related technologies.


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