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Packaging from concept to product...                             
Package Selection


PSS works with you to develop single or multiple-chip packaging solutions. Our experience helps to cut the time to get your product packaged, tested and ready for market.  We start by gathering information about the chip or chips, passives and other components, and the intended application environment, performance and target size, price and volume. The data is used to find the right package, price and performance for your device.


The PSS design team consists of mechanical, thermal, electrical, materials and process experts who facilitate the right materials, processes and performance for your device.  All designs take into account cost, manufacturing and supply chain issues. 


Don't re-invent the wheel (or package), let us support all of your package design needs.

Substrate Physical Design


The architectural planning and physical layout of a substrate is critical to the successful performance of an IC-Package. PSS utilizes a proven design methodology to ensure IC-Package success through collaborative, concurrent engineering. 


High speed signaling architectures, such as Thunderbolt, USB4, PCIE4, DDR4 require careful physical design management strategies supporting power/ground domains and signal interconnects with very high data transfer rates. 


Design reviews are an essential part of our substrate design methodology.  A Pre-Design review team composed of experts in layout, thermal, electrical, mechanical and manufacturing review customer performance goals in order to develop physical design strategies and problem mitigation early on in the design process.  Mid-Design reviews are utilized to perform peer reviews, and phase one modeling validation.  Final design peer reviews and final modeling validations are performed ensuring first time right IC-Packages.



We at Package Science have extensive knowledge of manufacturing techinques and processes.  We focus on prototypes, pre-production volume lots, ITAR and other processes that can require up to 10K parts/month.


We design for manufacturing and reliability such that your product is ready for mass production. 


We can assist facilitate the move from local pre-production  manufacturing services to volume manufacturing services, assuring a smooth transition and integration into full production.


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