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Mechanical Modeling and Simulation
Mechanical Design

Mechcancial design expertise and turnkey service are a feature of PSS.  Due to our knowledge and practice of assembly tools, methods and processes we are able to produce designs to support assembly tools, package handling and other IC package related assemblies.

Mechanical Tools

PSS mechanical design includes 3D modeling and motion simulation for fixtures, package assembly tooling and one-off or unique machine parts.  We can design and produce parts and assemblies to your specifications or use our think tank to come up with a solution for your product or tooling needs.

Package Science offers standard and customized assemblies:


  • 8"" Heater Wafer Platen, 200°C continuous operation with ±1°C distribution across wafer mounting surface. PID control, programmable ramp and cycle times.


  • 4" square temperature controlled platen for microscopes.  -10°C to 200°C operation, water cooled TEC, PID control with programming. Optional accessories include vacuum staging, tilt, elevation and rotation, inert gas cover.  Ideal for thermal studies where wide range of temperatures and conditions are required. 


Custom assemblies and design are also available. Call for options, pricing and delivery.

Turnkey fixtures, temperature control systems, platens, assembly tools and package handling assemblies are designed, manufactured and assembled, ready to apply to your process or product.  Complex miniature parts design ins a specialty.  Take the worry and work out of your mechanical design needs, contact PSS today!

Turnkey Mechanical

PSS uses Ansys© Workbench™ for solutions of linear and non-linear systems for IC packaging and assembly from concept of a design to implementation and beyond.  Distortion, warping, stress and strain analysis, materials selection and reliability/lifetime probability are some of the problems that we can help solve.  The proven solution engine and long-time experience in high-technology can save time and money on new and existing products.

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