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Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical


Mechanical design for packages, fixtures, temperature controlled stages and assembly tools are part of our expertise. 3D modeling and simulation of mechanical structures is available, as well as finite element modeling for stress/strain and reliability analysis.  Specialty fixtures such as microscope stages, assembly tooling and one-off items are designed and built to your specifications.  Key machine shop affiliates are utilized for fast-turn, specialzed materials and ultra-miniature parts.




A core discipline, thermal management and control is important for almost all designs for semiconductor devices and systems today.  PSS has extensive experience and tools for thermal measurement, modeling and management.  Thermal modeling using FEM and CFD allow chip-to-system thermal analysis.  Our partner company, Thermal Engineering Associates, teams with PSS to provide a wide range of thermal measurement services, instrumentation, thermal load boards and a full line of thermal test chips.



For high-speed digital and sensitive analog designs, signal and power integrity are integrated into the design process flow.  Access to tools include fast and full-wave solvers, planar solvers for decoupling analysis and simulation tools to provide critical signal path and power supply performance information.  Measurements are performed in the PSS Electrical Lab which includes time and frequency domain instruments as well as a large-format probe station with vertical and horizontal sample fixturing.

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