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Packgage Manufacturing

Our services continue from the finished design  through the manufacturing process.  Domestic production of many package types can be supported through 10K/month.  For volume production, PSS can help manage the transition to offshore facilities and major OSATs.  We can support a variety of package types, materials and performance options. Through our deep experience and associations with worldwide technology companies PSS can support development and manufacturing of virtually any package type. Test development and implementation is an important step in the process.  Our associate companies can provide domestic test and transition to mass production as well as reliabilty planning and testing.


Some examples of manufacutring technologies we support are shown below. 


  • Leadframe etching and stamping

  • Multi-layer HDI substrates

  • Ceramic materials

  • Metal

  • MEMS

  • Die attach

  • Wire bond

  • Flip-chip

  • UBM / Bumping

  • Underfill

  • Overmold / lid seal

  • Singulation

  • Test/Relibility

  • Packing

Quick Tip

The transition to mass manufacturing is successful when the proper preparation and diligence is followed.  It's kind of like painting. To get a fine finish the preperation must be thorough and accurate. Then the process is smooth and efficient.

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