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There are many choicess for packaging your product.  Which one is right for you?


Leadframe packaging includes many common form factors such as DIP, SOIC, QFP and others, with one of the most popular designs being the QFN.  Leadframes are either etched or stamped to the design specifications, assembled with die attach and  wire bonding as a rule. Finally the packages are overmolded using an epoxy resin or a lid to protect the assembly, singulated and trayed for handling.




For high-density and performance packaging, the choice many times leads to an array package format.  Common array formats are BGA, LGA and PGA. Leads are arrayed across the package area allowing for high lead count in a compact space. Array packages are typically multi-layer substrates of organic or ceramic material. 




There are a multitude of packages avaialable in industry standard form-factors as well as custom packages, designed from the ground up for a given device requirement. What ever package type you need, PSS can help you get your product packaged and into production.



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