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Thermal Measurements
Thermal Modeling and Simulation

PSS has extensive knowledge of heat transfer and thermal management of semiconductor devices.   All aspects of semiconductor cooling, temperature control and design criteria needed to manage heat can be modeled, measured and simulated in our laboratory.  Together with our partner company, Thermal Engineering Associates, we have an outstanding thermal lab with equipment and fixturing to make industry standard and custom measurements in a variety of environmental conditions.

Thermal Tools

PSS offers FEM and CFD modeling solutions for chip-to-system development, analysis and troubleshooting.  PSS has been providing solutions for thermal problems for many companies throughout the world.  PSS works with you to find the right material properties, boundary conditions and assumptions to provide design input for your IC, package, PCB or system.  Input of geometry can range from direct input to import of any major file format.  Fine detail can be supported by using mesh seeding, sub-modeling and symmetry boundaries.  An example of this is a copper plane's effect on heat flow in a PCB or package design. See the "Stacked Package" SEMI-THERM paper here.

Extensive measurement capability is found in the thermal lab.  Measurement of all aspects of chip, package, PCB, components and systems is available.  TIM, heat sinks, temperature profiles, model validation, live device testing. 

Environments include cold/hot plate, still-air, low speed wind tunnel, custom fixtures and enclosures. Semiconductor thermal test systems for live (production) devices as well as prototypes and thermal test chip.  Power levels to 1KW, automation and discrete instrumentation available. Thermal conductivity measurements for TIM and other materials. Non-contact measurement by IR or thermo-reflectance, controlled temperature chambers and more.

Thermal Engineering Associates is our partner company, located in the same facility as PSS.  We share skillsets, equipment and knowledge to support our customers.  TEA's founder and president is Bernie Siegal, a fixture in the thermal management world and founder of the SEMI-THERM symposium.  Berniess extensive experience and industry involvement is part of the PSS value.  Click here to go to the TEA website. A wealth of information and products are available including the TTC line of thermal test chips.

Many applications and devices require temperature control for processes, tuning elements or burn-in operations.  PSS has been successful in implementing temperature controlled, heated and cooled fixturing, stages and chambers.  We develop systems which use TEC, custom heating elements, water cooling and control systems to achieve accurate distribution and precise temperature control.

The TEA Thermal Lab
Temperature Control
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